Saturday, March 10, 2012

Second Day in Hawaii - Ala Mohana Mall


We started our day with pancakes, french toast and rain!!! (too much rain!!!). The plan was going to Diamonds Head but because of the rain we decided to wait for better weather and go swimming in the pool (even if it was raining, it was still warm). In the whirlpool we enjoyed the hot bubbling water and also taking pictures with the underwater camera. This turned out to be a very amusing activity. After trying to go hiking on Diamonds Head again, this trip was canceled and we were going the mall. We started out in excitement for the Hawaiian style and found nice dresses ,shirts and shorts.

For dinner we went for the famous restaurant called bubba gump, which became popular through the movie Forrest Gump. We stayed a little longer in the mall, some of us even saw a firework on out on the beach and after we were done with all the shopping, we were taking a special Hawaiian bus (Waikiki Trolly). The amazing flair in this trolly made us sing, scream and greet all the people in a crazy way all the way back
to our hotel. Right now we are writing this report and we are soooooo tired and did our best to write a good report, but well, let’s not talk about our writing skills! We are looking forward to another early
breakfast and a nice trip around the island O’ahu!

We are really enjoying Hawaii and even rain can’t stop us from having fun in this paradise!!!

Written by Caroline, Franziska, Felipe, Neringa

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