Wednesday, March 14, 2012

13th of March

Today was our last day before leaving. When we knew that we would surf today, we all were excited. On the way to beach, we watched DVD of Florida Trip. It was so funny that we couldn't wait for our DVD of this trip. We went to surf, took the course and enjoyed a lot. I can say everyone loved it. Thanks to the instructors' help and nice conditions, it wasn't hard. Even if some of us got sunburn, tanned, or scratches we all survived. At least we got sun in HAWAII! While we were going to Polynesian Cultural Center by bus we had time to choose the person who was somewhat special during this trip. When we arrived at PCC,we started learning about different cultures. After that we, all together, had our last dinner. We had plenty of fun for these 7 days which have passed quickly and now, nobody wants to leave. hahaha But we have to. Despite weather that was hating us, we still had a wonderful trip full of adventures, new experiences, new friendships and of course memories which will last for a life time!

Chaeyoung Kim

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