Friday, March 16, 2012

14th of March

For everyone that was part of this unforgettable trip and that will ever be in my memories!
No doubts it was for me and hope for many of you the best experience of our exchange year, a unique opportunity to get together with people all over the world, nice guys and girls, that just people like us with courage to go through this process earn and deserve it. That's why we are here, those moments of happiness, getting to know more about yourselves making international friends or even for your own country that without this year abroad we wouldn't be able to experience it.
Stop to think, we never could imagine living such things, those moments make us sure that we did the correct and the best choice, that the hard (we know are not just few) tomes they come and go, but the positive attitude and those moments they have the power to surmount big challenges, and ma not quitting. We all know it will and it's worthy, and our lives it's never gonna be the same after this.

Since the bad weather that made people upset, the strict policy, the group was strong enough to stay together, we still had fun. And after the sun came to us it was even better, it was like everything was perfect, the adults got more flexible and trusted more on us, so we could enjoy the best of it. Guys we did it, we survived, and had a fabulous time.
We went to Bubba Gump, Dole Pinieaple, Thomas hiked a coconut tree, we learned about the history of Hawaii with the driver of the bus and his hilarious and weird laugh, snorkeled in a beautiful bay (Hanauma Bay), hiked the Diamond Head and had the chance to see the the wonderful view or vista of Hawaii, amazing luau with even a Brazilian danced (haha). We did surfing,got some scratches, some were tanning others tried but didn't work quite well (sun-burn), a lot of fun in the beach during some nights, talent show, hard rock cafĂ© and much more.
In Pearl Harbor it was amazing to see that we are part of a world that walks to peace, that all this exchange is about, Jumpei from Japan and many others Japaneses visiting the Pearl Harbor Memorial, place where Japaneses attacked US ships and made US get into WWII and did a huge difference in our world history and the way we live, and now we even were there praying and wishing the best for the Japanese people ,after exactly one year of the tragedy of the tsunami. It shows there is always hope, and we want the best for Japan to recovery from the tsunami, faith.

In the last day we went to the Hard Rock Cafe in Honolulu, it was awesome, the results of the elections, fun with friends, awards, and the toughest time of the trip was saying goodbye to friends that were living earlier than the crowd. Some cried, it was a feeling that a hole amazing week was over, I'd like to finish this post saying that I really appreciate all of you and with the picture of the sunset in the last moment in Hawaii!
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by: Davi Charbel

Thursday, March 15, 2012

15th of March

Here I am, seating in the Seattle airport waiting for my flight and already missing the trip, the friends, Hawaii...
You guys provided me with such a good time, you made my job easier. I hope you all enjoyed the trip and it has added good memories to your exchange.
As we visited Hawaii, the most distant piece of land from any other land in the world, we brought our hearts together in friendship and fun.
Make the most of the rest of your exchange.
See you around the world,


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

13th of March

Today was our last day before leaving. When we knew that we would surf today, we all were excited. On the way to beach, we watched DVD of Florida Trip. It was so funny that we couldn't wait for our DVD of this trip. We went to surf, took the course and enjoyed a lot. I can say everyone loved it. Thanks to the instructors' help and nice conditions, it wasn't hard. Even if some of us got sunburn, tanned, or scratches we all survived. At least we got sun in HAWAII! While we were going to Polynesian Cultural Center by bus we had time to choose the person who was somewhat special during this trip. When we arrived at PCC,we started learning about different cultures. After that we, all together, had our last dinner. We had plenty of fun for these 7 days which have passed quickly and now, nobody wants to leave. hahaha But we have to. Despite weather that was hating us, we still had a wonderful trip full of adventures, new experiences, new friendships and of course memories which will last for a life time!

Chaeyoung Kim

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

12th of March

We started a very good week in Hawaii!! We woke up a little late compared to previous days, ate breakfast at the hotel and then left for snorkeling. We got the equipment for this activity. At Hanauma Bay had a small introduction about the reserve,  different types of fish that we will get to see, and then experience under-water world. By the mid-day we begin to leave Hanauma Bay, continuing the day with a long but very enjoyable hike up to Diamond Head, where many of us took pictures with our national flags, and saw a beautiful view of the island  Oahu and the city of Honolulu. Around 4:00 pm we came back to hotel and left at 5:00 pm for Cheeseburger Paradaise and enjoyed a delicious dinner.

At evening we went to Ohana West Hotel to present our talents at the Show where we shared great moments!!

Neringa and Sarita

Watch a video of the talent show

Monday, March 12, 2012

Pearl Harbor, Flea Market and Paradise Cove

Hi everybody!! Aloha, still from Hawaii!

We just got back from a wonderful day in Hawaii, and for once, it was sunny, finally!! The day started
pretty well with a really good breakfast at 9 (we got to sleep in: yay!) before heading at 10h30 for
the famous Pearl Harbor. This memorial, charged of a heavy history was really interesting to visit
and especially for those of us who only knew a little about Pearl Harbor. We started by praying with
Jumpei for the victims of the tsunami and earthquake last year in Japan; indeed it was exactly 1 year
ago today. Then we visited the area before watching a movie of the attack on Pearl Harbor which
was really sad but interesting. After the movie, we got to see the Arizona, a famous boat from the
US navy which sank from the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor during World War II. After the visit
we headed on the free market which is a really nice cheap little market around the Hawaii football
stadium before taking something to eat and leaving for the Paradise Cove Luau. This place is probably
one of the most beautiful places here in Hawaii, it’s a sort of outside restaurant with a bench of
different animations, a beach, and a beautiful space with Hawaiians showing their culture. There
were dugouts , a tattoos stand, a stand to make flowers crowns and bracelets, Hawaiian dances and
demonstrations of typical fishing methods… So, ya a real paradise! Moreover we got to meet another
group of exchange students that we got know and with who we really got along. So we spent the
evening all together with a wonderful sunset on the beach, a fabulous dinner and a lot of animations:
Hawaiian dances are really impressive and cool, I wish I could dance like that! We even got to learn
Hawaiian dances and dance with them which was really cool! After this great moment, unfortunately
it was time to leave and say goodbye to our friends that we didn’t leave for so long. Indeed when we
got back, we spent the evening all together on the beach, which was really nice!

Emmanuelle Huet

Saturday, March 10, 2012

North Shore - 10th of March 2012

Hey, here we are after a long, full with adventures and amazing day. We started early in this morning at 8 o'clock with a bus ride around the whole island of Oahu. We stopped fist a the Dole pineapple plantation but it wasn't open so we went to an old surfer town Haleiwa. On our way we learned cool stuff about the culture, the island, language and history of Hawaii. The second stop was then the pineapple plantation were we got to taste really sweet and yummy pineapples. After a delicious lunch we hit the road again and went to see two different beaches. Our favorite was the Sunset beach. The waves were enormous! It was really cool :) We also went to an outlook were we could see entire Honolulu, and the wind there was crazy.

 When we arrived at the hotel we had free time to hang out at the pool, in our rooms or do shopping outside. At eight we left the hotel to walk outside and to have dinner. For us, after a lot of thinking we ate at McDonalds. It was good. 
   We ended the day with hanging out at the beach with our new friends and had a lot of fun ! We are really looking forward for tomorrow and to see  more of the beautiful island :)

Elena and Ainur