Monday, March 12, 2012

Pearl Harbor, Flea Market and Paradise Cove

Hi everybody!! Aloha, still from Hawaii!

We just got back from a wonderful day in Hawaii, and for once, it was sunny, finally!! The day started
pretty well with a really good breakfast at 9 (we got to sleep in: yay!) before heading at 10h30 for
the famous Pearl Harbor. This memorial, charged of a heavy history was really interesting to visit
and especially for those of us who only knew a little about Pearl Harbor. We started by praying with
Jumpei for the victims of the tsunami and earthquake last year in Japan; indeed it was exactly 1 year
ago today. Then we visited the area before watching a movie of the attack on Pearl Harbor which
was really sad but interesting. After the movie, we got to see the Arizona, a famous boat from the
US navy which sank from the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor during World War II. After the visit
we headed on the free market which is a really nice cheap little market around the Hawaii football
stadium before taking something to eat and leaving for the Paradise Cove Luau. This place is probably
one of the most beautiful places here in Hawaii, it’s a sort of outside restaurant with a bench of
different animations, a beach, and a beautiful space with Hawaiians showing their culture. There
were dugouts , a tattoos stand, a stand to make flowers crowns and bracelets, Hawaiian dances and
demonstrations of typical fishing methods… So, ya a real paradise! Moreover we got to meet another
group of exchange students that we got know and with who we really got along. So we spent the
evening all together with a wonderful sunset on the beach, a fabulous dinner and a lot of animations:
Hawaiian dances are really impressive and cool, I wish I could dance like that! We even got to learn
Hawaiian dances and dance with them which was really cool! After this great moment, unfortunately
it was time to leave and say goodbye to our friends that we didn’t leave for so long. Indeed when we
got back, we spent the evening all together on the beach, which was really nice!

Emmanuelle Huet

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